Happy International Women Day!

In no particular order, I’ve shortlisted five ladies who have consistently been in their BAG. These are women that are creating opportunities for themselves and simultaneously, inspiring other babes. So let’s get started.

1. Mikai McDermott – CIPHER

YouTuber – Creator – Founder of CIPHER

I knew Mikai was essential and necessary when I first came across her on YouTube. It was refreshing to see that she could balance beauty with substance so effortlessly. It showed in her content + is evident in the brand(s) she has built. This isn’t to say that she was the first or is the last – it was just simply refreshing. Her content is real + her journey to establishing herself is one I’m so invested in because she represents + pours into females who are on similar journeys. She is aware that she is multifaceted + is striving in her lane(s).

2. Mabintou Kolley – MABIN2

Digital Designer – Creative Director – Speaker

Man, women in Tech are so cool. What I love about Mabintou is that she is self-taught + nothing screams “driven” to me more than that. If you’re following this phenomenal young lady then you are a witness of how she is Miss Make It Happen. She is constantly sharpening her graphic skills + working at her craft. You really do love to see it. On top of that, Mabintou is generous with offering advice to other creatives who are inspired by her. Whew, we love a unthreatened babe.

3. Julie Adenuga – BEATS 1

Radio Presenter – DJ – UK Personality

Though being the sister to well-known Grime rappers, Skepta + JME, Julie Adenuga stands on her own two. Her identity is totally about herself + her presence in the music industry is a distinctive one. Everything about her just stands out. I admire that she’s in spaces that can be quite ‘male-dominated’ + just simply being her authentic self + being an authentic voice. Julie is very in touch with the online/urban culture + makes the necessary moves to create the space for more people from an urban background to also flourish.

4. Conna Walker – HOUSEOFCB

Business Woman – Founder of HOUSEOFCB + MistressRocks

At 26, she’s made the Forbes Under 30 list. That says enough for me but I’ll carry on. Yes, this is the face of one (or two) of our fav fashion brands. I have a lot of respect for a woman that is such a force in the very competitive fashion industry. She has never compromised her standards + the quality of her pieces remain top notch. The streets know this. We stan a woman who knows how to flip her coin + make a killing.

5. Sophia Tassew – ASOS CURVE

ASOS Curve Insider – Founder of CURVES IN MOTION – Creative

Sophia is so in her bag it is ridiculous. Honestly. Truly. Everyday is about truth for her + she isn’t afraid to address big issues that many are silent about. She is a mouthpiece for plus sized babes + works tirelessly to bring about inclusion for women who have similar life experiences to her. It’s no “plus female empowerment” gimmick either, this is her real life work. Everything she does is for the cause + nothing is more commendable. Sophia is beautiful and I absolutely stan.

I encourage everyone to follow + support these females on their journey.

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