YOUTUBERS ft American accent

I’m kicking it off with a little rant about our UK YouTubers... let me know if I’m the only one?

Maybe I feel like this because I’ve recently been enlightened on Black British culture and how rich it is. Or just our British culture period.

On the net, it’s clear that people from overseas have preconceptions about what being British is. I hate it. Some can be completely out of touch and believe we’re living in the 19th century. Didn’t you all see the jokes around 21 Savage being British? Thus, for me it’s very important that British figures with large platforms (or any platform) can own OUR culture. Too many times I’ll go on YouTube for instance and see our UK personalities embodying a whole American chick. Some are more excessive than others but either way it is a little bit… cringe.

Can we leave that in 2018? We are not the watered down versions of anything. We are ourselves and that’s all I’ll say on that.

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