IMG_2305You have come up with this great business idea and because you’re a smart girl, you know that marketing and branding via social media is vital in this current climate.


You then create a fresh page (on the handle of your choice) dedicated to showcasing your work and skills. You are yet to upload any content on this new page, however, you have already given yourself a title i.e “fashion stylist” or whatever applies to you.

There is a real risk in giving yourselves empty titles and perhaps, empty personas. Social media has made it easy to do so. By empty I mean you might be someone who has not yet provided your service and/or do not have any content to offer your audience. Wouldn’t it be wiser to have both things covered before promoting yourself? Otherwise, you’re basically promoting air. It will not work until you can actually SHOW us something.

IMG_2307 (1) If something has worked well and you are ready to launch, that still will not AUTOMATICALLY qualify you. Build your portfolio and your experience as you go. Do some research on your market and figure out your direction. All I’m saying is do not act hastily.

These are honestly things I tell myself. All the best!


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