Raspy, raw and rich. Her voice is a live embodiment of these words. Her tone is unmatched. A true songstress who oozes emotion with every song she sings.

“…All I’ve really known is music and singing and I’ve loved it ever since I was very young…”

Enkay’s influences are taken from R&B Queens such as Jazmine Sullivan, Fantasia, even some of her friends but also from wider music genres. I asked her:

What new opportunities have arisen for females on the scene?

“There are currently more females doing more on the scene but at the same time I still don’t feel like they have ‘blown’. Despite the uprise of female rappers lately, and some singers, I think it is harder for female singers to get appropriate recognition. Hopefully that changes soon.”

Which doors still need to be kicked down?

“I want to hear more black, female singers on the radio, see more of us on TV etc. Those doors need to be kicked down.”

Ms Enkay Rockson – a rising star we anticipate listening to soon! Why not go and check out some of her covers on her social media pages: @EnkayRockson

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