Her home is on social media. Starting a while back from Keek to Twitter and Youtube today, she has kept entertaining those that follow her and the masses beyond that. If you’re not familiar with this young, black creative from South London you know you’ve missed something. Take a look at the numbers above – numbers do not lie!

I’ve struggled to categorize her. On her social media handles alone, she has displayed herself to be a comedian-actress-rapper-sketcher-adviser-influencer all in one. Though, what always shines through is her consistent support towards the UK’s rap scene and her enthusiasm in pushing that culture forward. Dave, Ambush, K Trap, AM & Skengdo are amongst some of the many rappers she has promoted across her Twitter page and fairly new YouTube channel.

We hope to see Miss “FaceInTheNews” capitalise off of her popularity and channel her passions and interests into her dream occupation. If anything, it is her vibrant personality, humorous posts and positive attitude that has kept us all in tune with her.

That “big buss down” is well on its way and #LADIESNGHT anticipates her achieving all the goals she has set for herself this year. You can find her as “faceinthenews” on all social pages so go and show her some love!!

Don’t shut your eyes people, we have more super women on the way! Love.

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