I’ll repeat – LADIESNGHT is all about recognising female creatives and drawing attention to female-specific affairs within the industry.

So let’s get straight into it. LADIESNGHT, the TRENDING edition.

We should all be quite familiar with the new ‘drill’ tune FLEEK BOP from rap duo MelaTwins. The two caught the attention of the masses with their catchy lyrics, sassy style and flow influenced by popular rap collective, Harlem Spartans. A bit like marmite, some have loved it and some have hated it. Whatever you feel, its clear that these ladies saw a gap in the market and decided to do their thing! FLEEK BOP 2 is well on its way, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

In recent times, though, there has generally been discussions on social media over the common themes in female lyrics. Relating to Fleek Bop, some ruled the song as typical as the subjects covered included self-image, feminine sexuality and men. Is this so bad? Or is it that are people just tired of hearing women go on about how bad and boujie they are? Though these are perfectly valid observations, a big part of the female experience is self-image, feminine sexuality and men (sometimes). The content in music is going to directly reflect the artist’s lifestyle. Let’s not act like we don’t know. Plus, there’s nothing we love more than a feel-good anthem. Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to have a song you can gass yourself to. So leave it alone.





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