post1I couldn’t be more proud of the music scene in the UK right now. Quality is excellent. Views are hitting a million+. Artists are getting exposure. Link ups with some of the biggest names in music. We’re kicking down all the doors. A co-sign is no longer necessary.

Respect to all the artists on the frontline representing right now – you’re doing amazing sweetie xx

Hear what I’m trying to say though. (This is LADIESNGHT, so yes I’m reverting the attention to the ladies.) Not too long ago, there were discussions of the lack of prominent female voices on the scene. This has since taken a progressive turn and recent times have introduced us to the likes of Stefflon Don, Nadia Rose, Ms Banks, RayBLK, Jorja Smith etc.

Still, particularly on my twitter timeline, I often see people say “Who are some ladies I should look out for?” or “Quote tweet with some female talent.” so I’m excited to provide a platform where all these things can easily be found. LADIESNGHT will feature those who are well-recognised and those who are underground. Of course, both are great in their own respects and if you didn’t know, you’re about to be put on game.

Right now, issa introduction but STAY TUNED. There is a whole line-up of gifted girls who you are all going to get acquainted with. Every Friday evening. Share this up and show LADIESNGHT some love!



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